Kpop Club

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Meet Krystal Kim

Follow Krystal on her journey to kpop stardom, go behind the scenes of the kpop industry and gain an insight into what it takes to become a kpop megastar!


Ice cold lattes and red hot kpop stars!
Krystal has just finished high school and is determined to achieve her dream of becoming a kpop star. After encountering a number of bumps in the road, she eventually auditions with big-time kpop producer, KYM. KYM signs her as the final member of his new multinational girl group, Kpop Club. With only 3 months to prepare for their debut performance, the Kpop Club girls must give everything if they are going to be ready in time. Will Krystal have what it takes to fulfil her dream, and could she have found someone special along the way?

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